Welcome to Mary's Marketplace!! 

I am Mary, the owner and artist behind Mary's Marketplace Jewelry. 
In 2010 I took a leap of faith and left the corporate world to do what I love. 

What started as a hobby growing up, has rapidly grown into a dream opportunity well beyond my wildest imagination.

Jewelry making caught my eye a during a shopping trip to a mall with a beading supply store.  I was immediately hooked, and started designing small jewelry items for myself, as well as some gifts for friends. 

The inspiration for Mary's Marketplace started in the spring of 2010 during a parent/child class.  The topic of the life changing session was about "accomplishments".  During the class we discussed how so many people never follow their dreams and fail to accomplish the things they want to do.  I had always wanted to start my own business, but was too afraid to try.  I mentioned how much I enjoyed making jewelry to the group, and they asked to see some of my work.  The next week I brought in a few items for my "show and tell" and the fun began... 

I will be eternally grateful to the moms in this class who gave me the courage, motivation, and my first sale, to get me started!  Because in July of 2010 I became the co-founder of Valley Girl Designs and decided in January to take my dreams one step further with Mary's Marketplace and marysmarketplaceonline.com. 

People close to me know I'm as frugal as they come.  Recognized as a serious coupon clipper, bargain hunter extraordinaire, and black Friday specialist, I want the customers of Mary's Marketplace to get great items for a great value-just like I live my life.  So I hope you will find my items, beautiful, unique, and AFFORDABLE!!  

When I am not designing and creating jewelry, I spend every second I can, loving on my husband of 25+ years and my three amazing boys, who keep busy with fishing, tennis, robotics, scouts and college.  I am a complete SHOP-A HOLIC (love me a good vintage store), and a certified travel junkie.  I travel any chance I get - life is short and there is so much of the world to see! 

Please take some time to hunt through the site in search of your next treasure and be sure to check back often. 

​I will be continuously adding new products to the site, be sure and let me know if you have any questions about our current products or if you want to chat about a custom design.  

Thanks for shopping!


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